1st Anniversary Gift for Girlfriend

Something hand made is always a great idea for one month or 1 year anniversary, especially because it's made by you.

For a first month something big or flashy isn't always the best idea. Its always nice to give a gift that you made yourself Make her a little necklace or handmade bracelet or maybe a ring. You can make them from items around the house it may seem cheesy but girls appreciate the thought not how much you spent.

For one year anniversary give your girlfriend something personal, memorable and special to your relationship Make your g-friend personalized photo gifts from a variety photos special to your relationship. There are many ways to create a photo collage that will showcase your creativity and love.

Good gift to give your girlfriend for 1st anniversary
Good gift to give your girlfriend for 1st anniversary

Keeping the romance alive for year is a crucial a part of each relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. However, once you have got been beside your girl friend for a short time – several month, you would possibly suddenly be at a loss once it involves buying associate anniversary day gift for gf. With slightly designing, you'll provide your girlfriend a unforgettable photo collage as a gift she's going to appreciate.


  1. What a perfect personal gift idea!
    I fell in love with it and had to make it for my boyfriend

  2. Cutest idea for a one year anniversary gift I've ever seen.
    Insanely excited to start this !